Skyline construction appreciate the benefits of an company with a ‘safety conscious’ attitude.  We recognize that by maintaining a safe work environment will come, not only a minimization of the risk of injury, but also improved productivity as the workforce is able to confidently focus on its job at hand.

Skyline constructions commitment towards the Health, Safety and Welfare of our employees is of extreme importance within our operations. Skyline accepts our responsibility towards ensuring the Health, Safety and Welfare of all Skyline’s employees and contractors, wherever they are working.

All site managers will be responsible for the implementation and control of all matters dealing with the health and safety of employees and Sub-Contractors under their control.

All employees, contractors, sub contractors and visitors will be expected to demonstrate a willingness, to embrace the concept of safe work practices, and a safe working environment.  Employees, contractors and sub-contractors will be required to work in a healthy and safe manner, whilst discouraging others from working in an unsafe manner.

Education/Training of all employees, contractors and sub-contractors on Health and Safety issues is considered to be a natural course of employment, and all employees will be encouraged to embrace this concept.

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