In order to ensure that Skyline Construction projects are delivered with the highest level of quality to the client, we have adopted the following policy:

  • All employees within our company shall be committed to the effective and efficient implementation, management and improvement of quality. They are also responsible to identify and prevent activities occurring that do not meet specified standards.
  • All services provided by our company will meet or exceed customer needs and be in accordance with stated statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • The current Quality Management Representative is responsible for ensuring the compilation, distribution, effective implementation, amendment and continued maintenance of the quality system manuals. All system outcomes generated within the quality management framework are to accord with specified corporate objectives that meet stated quality, customer and statutory requirements.
  • All quality system documentation is regularly reviewed to ensure that existing policies, procedures and practices are suitable, remain relevant and capable of meeting specified quality, customer and statutory requirements.
  • We will assure quality through the provision of appropriate resources and provide employees with the necessary training to ensure compliance with stated quality system requirements.
  • Preferred suppliers are encouraged and assisted in the implementation of appropriated improvement programs that will ensure the integrity and continued preservation of the company quality management system.

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