May 24, 2022


Health and safety of management, craftsmen and labor is acknowledged to be less than optimal in Cambodia. Skyline Construction is constantly evaluating policy, procedures, education and implementation of standards that are already well known and practiced in Western and European locations. Our ownership experience of 30+ years in high quality construction environments, in combination with discerning client choices, demands adherence to strict codes of performance in health and safety practices.


At SKYLINE, our top down approach to health and safety applies to management education and training and further dissemination to our substantial trade and labor force. We value our skilled workforce and the quality work they perform which is why we have initiated a program of policies and procedures that put management in the forefront of learning then teaching our craftsmen how to match the safety requirements of each task to the delivery of quality performance in completion of all projects. We strive to meet European standards of compliance with ongoing training and supervision.


Not talk, but action has been taken by ownership to provide management with the training and knowledge from qualified European health and safety instructors which knowledge is transferred to staff on a continuing basis for daily practice. Proper footwear is always required on sites. Vests, harnesses and rigging gear as well as hard hats and eyewear (Personal Protection Equipment, PPE) are delivered on job specific tasks. Appropriate tools are provided for each particular job requirement to achieve safety and the highest quality finish to each aspect of the construction process. Confident and safe employees produce superior results. This is our overall TEAM goal that delivers client satisfaction and enjoyment while we build a culture of safety.


As part of our internal commitment to safety, SKYLINE incorporates DEDICATED project managers on job sites. We maintain DEDICATED Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineers (MEP) to meet or exceed client demands. Our performance on all levels leads to WIN/ WIN results for our clients and trades people alike. This is our policy and this is our practice.

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